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Kimberley 2Way Exchange

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The Kimberley 2 Way exchange Ethos and Vision

In our societies, if a young person is fortunate, their father, mother or elder will become an intimate friend and ally in their life.

A healthy, balanced community of children, younger people and elders is fundamental to a strong society. Most, if not all, indigenous and non-indigenous communities knew and still know this. They commit time, energy and resources trying to sustain, nurture and develop their communities.

Sadly we are only too aware of how often this belonging to healthy and sustaining community has broken down for many non-indigenous and indigenous young people. In many cases parents, grandparents, elders, uncles or aunts, family friends, sports coaches, teachers and employers are significant adults in a young person’s pre-school, primary and teenage development. Unfortunately by the time they enter secondary school the number of strong significant adults in some young people’s lives is often very small.

In many ways our western society has lost the concept of a Rite of Passage for our young people into the difficult world of Adulthood. Many teenagers now create their own rite of passage in gangs or with alcohol, drugs and fast cars or simply don’t know how to take responsibility for developing an effective adult life.

Many young people have strong relationships with their parents and elders, whilst others have very few if any strong adult role models in their lives.

Young people need a range of strong adults as role models, confidants, mentors, heroes and friends who will journey with them as they develop their identity and thus grow into balanced integrated adults capable of taking responsibility for their future lives.

Older people need the energy, vision and impetuousness of young people to reawaken in them their own youthful dreams and at the same time reassure them that the future of their family, community and society is in good hands. 

This is true for both indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

Young people need a range of such adults, mentors, elders and friends throughout their lives so as to hopefully expose them to a broad range of what is wholesome, sustaining and beautiful but also what is fun and exciting. As parents, educators, leaders and elders one of the greatest gifts we impart to the young is our passion for what we love and do well. This is what opens the doors of motivation in the young. They may not take up our interests but they may well be inspired by our passion so as to then acquire their own skills.

Many indigenous people have a huge passion for country and culture and wish to share this passion with others. Such passionate and skilled leadership, knowledge and talent needs to be more fully included in contemporary education, training and tourism enterprises alongside all the other styles and skills of leadership currently in play in contemporary Australia.

Kimberley 2Way tours and educational programs provide an opportunity for people from outside the Kimberley to experience its rich cultural heritage in conjunction with its extraordinary landscape.

Our tours and programs also provide an avenue for both indigenous and non-indigenous older and younger people of the Kimberley to share their passion for country, culture, sport and adventure and to teach their skills to others beyond this region.

These programs provide for individuals, couples or existing school community or corporate groups to come and experience the passion of the Kimberley by sharing leadership and laughter, culture and art, adventure and trust with the local indigenous and non-indigenous people.

Conversely our cultural exchange programs enable younger or older people from the Kimberley to visit other schools and community organisations, in other parts of Australia or overseas, then to share culture, art, sport and adventure together.

Kimberley 2Way consultancy supports existing, and provides for new and innovative education and training initiatives in keeping with the ethos of mutual respect and shared leadership between indigenous and non-indigenous people of the Kimberley, as well as with and for groups outside the region.

Kimberley 2 Way exchange aspires towards an authentic mutual sharing of leadership styles and responsibilities between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Our programs aim to generate mutual respect between all peoples involved in the programs no matter what gender, age or cultural background they are from. 

We initiate new and support existing programs designed to give younger and older people from different cultural backgrounds the opportunity to experience mutual respect across diverse ages and diverse backgrounds. This in turn contributes towards building healthier, safer, stronger and more loving and interconnected societies of men, women and children.

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