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Kimberley 2Way Exchange

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The Kimberley 2 Way exchange Story

The Kimberley 2 Way exchange initiative has come about after more than 30 years of experience in innovative education and training initiatives, providing outdoor educational based motivational and personal development programs for mainstream and disengaged young people and adults from both indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds. The programs, tours and consultancy offered by Kimberley 2Way exchange enhance and strengthen existing relationships as well as foster deeper cultural understanding and mutual respect between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians as well as with visitors from overseas.

Our Objectives

  • To develop greater mutual understanding and respect between people of diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Especially between indigenous and non-indigenous cultures.
  • To assist both indigenous and non-indigenous young people to achieve their full potential by fostering opportunities for meaningful education training and employment.
  • To collaborate with existing educational and training organisations as well as current businesses so as to achieve greater mutual support and inter agency collaboration.
  • To support young people in taking increasing responsibility for their own future development.
  • To provide opportunities for both indigenous and non-indigenous younger and older people to develop greater mutual respect and more open communication between one another, by sharing journeys of adventure through culture, art, wilderness and country together.

The Origins

Peter Barnett, the creator and founder of Kimberley 2 Way exchange, has for more than 30 years instigated, organised and implemented a broad range of outdoor education based personal development programs and tours. He has created and implemented new social, educational, and community programs and has extensive experience in leadership, management, teaching and instructing in Outdoor and Physical Education, class room teaching, OH&S, First Aid delivery and instruction as well as recreational and educational tours in remote areas.

Most recently he was the Clontarf Academy Life Skills Program Coordinator and Class teacher at Kununurra District High School in the East Kimberley Region of WA. This involved developing programs to re-engage Aboriginal boys from Year 8 to Year 12 who have a history of long periods of school absence, back into education, training and employment. Many of these boys and young men were at considerable risk of long term disengagement from their traditional cultural knowledge as well as contemporary education, training and employment.

Specific details available on request.

Other specialist instructors, guides, rangers, pilots, teachers etc. will be utilised at various stages throughout these programs as necessary.

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